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RULING PLANETS : Unique Concept of KP for Powerful Divine Guidance during predictions..
A unique contribution of  Guruj late K.S. Krishnamurtiji  to the  science of Astrology is proper application of Ruling Planets or RPs .
In simple words Ruling Planets are the planets which rule over the particular moment of judgment (in the case of horary/Prashna), birth ( natal chart), or whatever the issue maybe. They are the strongest determinants of the moment. According to Guruji they are:

·         Star Lord of the Lagna
·         Lagna Lord
·         Star Lord of Moon
·         Sign Lord of Moon
·         And Lord of the WeekDay
Later SubLord of Lagna & SubLord of Moon too
were added to the list of Ruling Planets.
Ruling Planets are used by astrologers to fix the time of event of the past or future. So, Ruling Planets can be used in birth time rectification as well as timing of event through Horary Chart or Natal Chart.
These Ruling  Planets  are very important & useful for selection of useful anfd lucky times of any   minor or major event of life  &    such   minor events are –

1   Arrival of a guest

2   Taking delivery of a vehicle

3   Appointment with an official or Minister

4   Signing a contract

5   Meeting bank officer for overdraft

6     Getting loan

7     Success in love affair

8     Purchase of vehicle or a house

9      Opening a bank account

         10 Starting a journey

11  Buy an article

12  Joining a service or occupying seat on promotion

13  Laying foundation of house

14  Time of surgery etc.

These planets determine the outcome of anything

Theory of Elimination:
After drawing a list of the ruling planets we can eliminate some as follows.

1.Reject the Planets deposited in the nakshatra of a retrograde planet. But retrograde planets itself pose no problem, (This rule has to be used very sparingly. )It is not applicable in birth time rectification.

If any of the  RP is in the sub of a planet detrimental to a cusp by being a significator of the 8H or 12H to the relevant cusp whose matter we are judging, even that planet will be eliminated. Of course this is with reference to the horary chart according to KP only.

Planets in conjunction or aspect to the ruling planets can also jump into the list. This is true especially if the planet is sitting in the ruling lagna itself. Such a planet if strong, is a very good contender.

Three points are to be remembered.

1. The fructification of the event will occur only when the transiting planet transits a point in the zodiac ruled by these planets. If the result is expected on the same day, the lagna will transit this point. If it is in days, move the Moon to this point, if it is expected to happen in months, move Sun, and finally if it is expected in years, Jupiter will transit a point in the zodiac whose sign lord, nakshatra lord and sublord are ruled by the ruling planets.

2. Even if you have three strongest ruling planets, you have 3 points in the zodiac ruled by the three planets. If the ascendant at judgment is a movable sign, the earliest one may be preferred. If it is fixed, the last point.

3. In judging the strength of the ruling planets the following will be helpful most of the time. They are stronger in the descending order.

Asc star lord> Asc sign lord >Moon star lord> Moon sign lord>Weekday lord

Applications of RPs

 Birth Time Rectification: The ruling planets of the moment of judgment   shall match the  birth time ruling planets.  The degree of lagna will be the degree ruled by RP. The birth lagna lord, lagna star lord and sublord will be indicated by the RP. Often the dasha or antardasha lord will also come up.

2. In conjunction with the Prashna chart, when we have too many significators for an event, the significators which are also the ruling planets are to be clinched.

3. Fast predictions can be given just based on the Ruling planets directly. Anju Anand

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